Friday, December 18, 2009

You guessed it--another house update

After a bit of a delay, the windows are finally here and are in. It's really starting to take shape. They're putting in the rough plumbing now and have completed installing the tubing for the radiant heat. The electricians are coming next week. It's pretty crazy how many decisions have to be made every day--exactly where the shower drain will be, the location of light switches, etc. It seems kind of simple now, but I know it will drive me crazy if I forget something--I'll get back to you about that in about 9 months.

We extended the roof on the porch--we weren't sure how it would turn out, but it looks like it will be perfect--can't wait to get a grill out there!

Note the trench leading away from the basement window--the basement has already flooded twice. They didn't get a chance to put in the drainage before the ground froze.

Can't wait to get the bike cellar into action--I talked to Bud today about putting in a shower basin so I can bathe my babies indoors, as I quickly realized that even with hot water outside, it's not terribly practical at 15 degrees, i.e., we have a hockey rink in our driveway.

Cora was kind enough to get me a keypad lock so I don't have to carry a key when I ride, but I think it was just as much for her because she has quite a long history of locking herself out.

The back corner behind the boxes will be my sleeping dungeon. Hopefully, I'll finally get cool, dark and quiet sleep during the day.

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