Monday, December 7, 2009

Late night math lesson

Phoebe is such a delight--tonight, she asked to fall asleep on the couch. Of course, the lying down on the couch while Mommy and Daddy watch a movie lasted about 5 minutes before she got up. Instead of playing, making a mess or whining, she sat down to practice math. I found myself totally enthralled watching her. I love that she has so much fun learning--she seems to really enjoy it. The kid is getting really good at her addition. She asked me to write down some problems. So I did--here's how it went.

Is this all he's got? I wish he'd challenge me.

This is kind of a joke--wonder if he realizes I'm way beyond this?

I got the digits--who needs a calculator? I have to remember to "carry" the one.

That did not take long. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I kill this.

Wonder if I should just cross multiply and divide? That would really freak him out.

All done--time to cuddle. He's looking at me like I'm so cute--maybe I should parlay that into some ice cream.


Bigdave said...

You are soooo lucky that they are heavy in the C genes...Luckily mine are strong in the J genes...there is a high likelihood that with the way the SAT is set up our kids will be able to more than double our scores...they will not be able to double their mom's scores though...crap.

Anonymous said...

Ce faci Matt? Bine faci sa inveti copii matematica...o sa aibe nevoie in viata.


Dr. Matt said...

In mod sigur vor si nu este atit de mult amuzant sa urmareasca le invata.