Sunday, December 6, 2009

Short Training ride in the frozen tundra of Nebraska

Well it has been a while since I suited up in the CWG it has been so warm it was a different story...I'll start with it was 22 today so I broke out the booties, the heavy lined riding pants, wool under garment, bib, long sleeve jersey, lined team vest, rain jacket as wind break, heavy gloves, neoprene head sock...I was warm for the 2:45 ride, but I decided that I need good pair of wool socks or two. A few notes that I hadn't thought of...I needed to wear my Camelbak b/c I lost half of my hydration b/c it froze before I could drink it. I came home with a solid bottle and couldn't get the last 1/4 from my first bottle...also I didn't bring any goo or Endurolites...stupid. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to get at them with the heavy the future I will tape some to my bars like race ready MJ did for Iceman...I have some Endurolite style stuff that can be added into my Camelbak called Camelbak Elixir, they taste pretty good, but are a bit sweet for really long rides...would have been perfect for todays 30 mile jaunt in the tundra...I'll use that next weekend. I figured I would go scout some of the North O! Rock Road Jackrabbit course. I did about 10 miles of the beginning and end of the took me a while to ride there from my traffic, solid gravel, rolling terrain,...just like I remember. Shoot it will be fun to scout in the cold, no one will be the wiser.


Cora said...

Hey, I think we have your Camelback--left in our car after the Iceman. I'll send it with your X-mas present. Good ride today--way to be dedicated! Later.

Dr. Matt said...

You a Hard Man--it was like 30 here and this Schoolie--Um, yeah slept all day. Love the dedication. We are lookin' forward to rolling the Rock roads with ya.

Dr. Matt said...

Damn!--that's a big tree.