Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I had to work last night, go figure, and for reasons I will never understand, everybody decided Christmas morning was the time to visit the ER, so I got home a bit late--Max was indignant, but kind enough to inform me that I was exactly 25 mins late, and that he and Bella would both forgive me for being late and for working. After a quick shower, it was time to get the show on the road--a show that apparently started at 6 am and had been going full speed ever since. Needless to say, the kids were jacked way up to get into their presents. I guess I can't blame them, last time I checked Christmas is all about getting.
As it turns out, I was like the proverbial little kid on Christmas morning--I cleaned house and got all sorts of really cool little nick nacks--thank you everybody.

The sporty Rapha winter cap and Hincapie Pacific Rain Jacket--both very nice and very stylish not to mention very functional. Almost makes me want to go for a ride in the freezing rain--okay, maybe not really so much.

I'm told I'm getting two more of these once they are finished--Phoebe's is awesome.

Embrocation--medium hot--can't wait to see how well it works.
Even if it does not work, no worries 'cause the thought of embrocating really gets me worked up.

I've really wanted a Syntace torx wrench for a while now--I'm too cheap to buy it for myself.
Great surprise!

Some fantastic books--haven't had a chance to look through them yet--at first glance, the photography looks great in all of them .

Max gave me the Rouleur Photo annual on my way out the door to work last night "so I would have something to do." He was so cute--he said he got it for me because he remembered that I like to ride my bike and thought I might like it. Well buddy, I love it--thank you for being you.

Sorry about the poor photo--notice the stylish german fenders--where were those yesterday? They will definitely come in handy.
I was totally surprised by the pedals--I did not think they were really available--Cora managed to find them at Bike Nashbar among all places--I'm told they were "priced to move," whatever the hell that means.

So if you are keeping score, and after all that's what Christmas is all about anyways right, I got half the stuff from my list--I'm not quite sure why I did not get the car, but there is always next year. Who would have thought that getting half was more than enough to satisfy me--for now anyway? Thanks again, everybody! Merry Christmas!

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