Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2011 Mini Countryman, 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder and the 2011 Shelby GT 350

OK, so I have digressed to talking about cars. I came across these photos--love the cars, all in white even better.

Cora and I had a 2003 Mini Cooper S when we lived in NYC--we loved it and swore we would never get rid of it. Well, little did I know that we had two beautiful possums on the way. We tried--but twins and a stroller were not happening so as the story goes, we now drive a Volvo.
I'm thinking the Countryman in a year or so may just work for the Joneses or at least for me and my bikes.

My first car was a 1986 Porsche 944--white with white rims--I was pimping.
I recently read that the Porsche Boxster is the best "all around" Porsche one can buy.
I thought I would give them a look and found the Boxster Spyder-- not sure if the best "all around" applies to the Spyder but in my opinion, it is certainly much easier on the eyes--I suppose if you made me, I could take one of these--not sure where the bikes are going to go though.

I had to add some American muscle to the mix and of course it had to be a Ford. The GT 350 is a beast. One of us who presides over this blog may even say it should have been the only car in the mix--black with a white stripe may look pretty nice.

The entertainment of the three cars above is solely based on the premise that I should be practical, otherwise I would refer you to the end of my Christmas wish list for starters.

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