Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Birthday Wishful Thinking List!

I managed to get in 2 hours on the trainer today--sweating like a hog, ahh the joys of hard work. As usual, I did everything I could to maintain my sanity--I watched the second half of Rudy and most of Hoosiers--both great movies which always gets me motivated. I'm sure the family wishes I left it at that, but I couldn't help myself and got to thinking about my birthday and all the things that I need. I figured since I was so successful with the Christmas wishful thinking list, I ought to make one for the birthday too. So here you go.

The first thing that came to mind were new dvds to kill more trainer time--I found these gems.

The TdF series recaps all seven of Lance's victories at the tune of something like 28 hrs. That will kill some time.

Check out the various trailers I found:


Detour de France

Road to Paris

Road to Roubaix

Hell on Wheels

I may have to buy these for myself if nobody shows me the love--they all look awesome.

I'm always looking for something new to read--Racing Weight in particular may be able to help this fat boy shed those extra off-season pounds so I can get up Alpe d'Huez in under a hour.

The Tour is Won on the Alpe will surely give me some history to reflect on while I am suffering like a dog getting up those 21 switchbacks in under 60 mins.

They're white--need I say more?

As I started looking for a new pair of winter gloves, many suitable options presented themselves--I'm not asking for all of them, but I promise you if I did get them all, I would use every one of them--I've always had a thing for well-made gloves.
As I was looking for winter gloves, I found Assos's full-fingered summer glove--any guess as to why I need them?

Rapha's neoprene shoe cover-- as with all Rapha, they are stylish and superbly made--the only downer is that they are so nice, I'm not sure I'd have the heart to wear them in the mud. A reasonable second choice would be the Pearl Izumi barrier shoe cover--not pictured so it does not accidentally sway gift-givers into doing something they did not want to do--aren't I nice?

The more I look at the Rapha clothes, the more I want to dig in and get me some--it's really nice stuff, a lot of style and really well-made.

In keeping with the winter clothing theme, how about this stylish and functional cap from Hincapie?
For the less "stylish" days--i.e. when it's so cold I'm freezing my ass off-- this Craft WS balaclava should do the trick. The added wind stopper material makes this a bit heavier than my current Pearl Izumi.

Okay, so now we are getting into the real wishful thinking part of my list. But really, think about it--what's the 2010 season all about? If you answered the Tour of Battenkill, Alpe d' Huez and the Mt. Washington Hill Climb, you are correct. You may be asking yourself, "Didn't this freak just get a new and very beautiful road bike?" The answer is of course, but you are missing the point--now I need a lighter, more aggressive racing bike that climbs like the Pitts S2B--I'm thinking the Serotta HSG custom should do the trick.

So here's one that was suspiciously MIA on Christmas morning--didn't the Baby Don say we should get EVERYTHING on our Christmas list? I think he did, in fact I know he did--so where is my cross bike? He got the Bat Mobile a few days after Christmas--I still need an IF Planet Cross Ti--team colors, of course.

La Marzocco GS/3 1Grp auto

So, again with my appeal--this is a life essential!!! Please don't ask questions, just go buy it. If it makes a difference, I'll even make my own lattes. (for awhile at least).

The Leica M8--it's so pretty and so classic--did I mention it's white? In case you were pondering the question from the Christmas list of whether I would prefer the white M8 or the black M9, the answer is actually the black M9. Did you see that coming? Performance always trumps color--well, at least in this case.

Ford transit Connect

Can you say ROAD TRIP? I don't know why I put this on here, but it sure would be convenient as a "go to the races" mobile. It looks like it would hold all the peeps with ample space for bikes and gear-- kind of cool looking too--maybe even have Jackrabbit Racing painted on the side. And yes, Big Man, I'll take it in black--please!

Pitts S2B
For those that know, I need not explain--great memories, a beast of a flight. I've been thinking about this one for almost 20 years now. The hobby before golf, cameras and bikes--actually, it was in between round 1 and round 2 of said hobbies. It's about half the price of the Ford GT 40 so maybe I have a chance. Yeah, I know, not so much.


Ritte Van Vlaanderen said...

Nice list. I was near death before my FrancisFrancis X1 cappuccino maker arrived. I needed that thing like oxygen underwater.

btw, saw you added Ritte to your list of favorite blogs. Thanks very much!

Bigdave said...

Ohhh the Pitts...I think you left off shit I can get about a Slap'll love your nuts.