Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 Hours and 10 Mins. and Now I'm Smoked!!

Today was nothing special--I had 3 hours scheduled for the day, mostly Z1Z2 with some force intervals during hour 2. I was fortunate enough to get some rest last night at work and the weather was looking pretty good, so I headed over to Middlefield and back--the same relatively flat route I did a couple of days ago. I wanted to avoid the "big" hills--one, because the descent is cold, as you have heard me complain about many a time, and two, I put a 11-21 cog on for the force intervals and the real hills would have been a huge ouch.

The weather was reasonable with the exception of a stiff wind blowing to the north, so starting out, I was a bit cold as I had only dressed for the 40 degrees that was reading on the kitchen thermometer. This route is perfect for today's work out--for hour 2, I put it in the 53x13 and sprint (sitting) on all the rollers. In all, I did about 12 1-2 mins efforts which lit my legs up by the time I was home.

It's been a while, so I thought I would give the flat a try--nice, given I just changed the tube this morning. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself--it was my first flat of the season. Cora was sweet enough to bring me a spare front wheel--all in all, it was only about 9 mins of down time.

A couple of the sights along the way.

I know, it's coffee porn--I just can't help myself. Hope tomorrow goes well--2.5 hours on tap and I'd love to get outside again, although I hear the weather is supposed to get quite a bit colder.

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