Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It seems like everybody else has a "best of 2009" post so I thought I'd join the crowd. I actually thought about my "best of 2009" several weeks ago and kept coming to the conclusion that the whole year was pretty darn awesome--sure, I did not get all the results I wanted (yes, I'm talking about sub-9 at Leadville or even finishing, for that matter) but all things considered, this was a great year of riding and I really could not pick one favorite time. It was not until today when I came across some photos from Camp Jackrabbit that it occurred to me that that week really stood above the rest. Why, you ask? No stress and nothing to do but ride, rest, eat and hang out with Big Dave.

The week started with the Greenbrier 4-hour marathon, which aside from the 95+ degree heat (by far the hottest ride of the year), was a pretty decent start to the racing season, i.e. all my goals for the race were accomplished.

Big Dave I'm sure will tell you otherwise, given his only success there was changing no less than 4 flat tires.

Warming up prior to the Greenbrier start--sporting the new kit--I just love riding with the Big guy and it's always fun to race with him--for some reason I am much more chilled out when we're racing together--the races are always more fun not to mention I seem to have better results.

When we got back to Cooperstown, we still had a week to do nothing but ride, eat, and rest. For the most part we had beautiful weather, cool, crisp and not a cloud in the sky all but two of the days. Cora was super fantastic bringing us treats everyday--notice the PB&J induced smile, that hit the spot.

We always rode together, other than the last 20 miles of day 4--again multiple flat tires and we were both out of tubes--I count 9 total flats for Dave that week. Shortly after Big Dave got in the sag-wagon it started pouring-- I got dumped on for a hour and a half before getting home. Maybe he knew something I didn't.

Another perfect day--climbing up Black's Road.

All in all, we logged a little more than 25 hours in the saddle and climbed just short of 32,000 feet--not a bad week if I don't say so myself. Of course Big Dave bitched and moaned about all the hills and climbing,  re-educating me daily on the "no talk zone protocols" which I conveniently ignored. That's the best part of riding with you--talk, talk, talk!

Dave bet me I could not get up this hill on my SS--he was right, I spun out at the top--I'll clean it this year.
We must have been about 4 hours into our day and we came up Murdock Hill and found Cora and Max waiting for us. Not to sound corny but these photos give me the biggest smile--the Bull is so cool. Max says he's doing CJR II again this year too, only this year he's riding it with a geared bike and his own gumbies--shot blox to you and me. Of course my beautiful wife was not empty handed--she came bearing much needed food and drink.

I'm always getting yelled at--by Dave 'cause I talk too much and Max 'cause I'm too slow. The Bull means business.

Climbing the end of Armstrong Rd--trying to decide what to have for dinner--Cora was awesome, she made us a feast every night while we laid around like slugs on the sofa watching TV--had to keep the legs up as it's all about recovery.

More miles talking about who knows what--good times.

Big Dave chasing down the food wagon.

My only flat of the week.

Looking svelte! Taking on a post ride feed.

What a great week, no stress and nothing to do but ride. As I have said before, I've had such a great time the last two years, we've gotten together 4-5 times a year and had loads of fun riding. It's hard to believe we went years at a time without getting together--I'm looking forward to another great year and another great "training camp"--first week of May work?
A huge thanks to Cora for always being there and always tending to my/our riding needs--love you and I appreciate it so much.


Bigdave said...

Nice...I see a little pattern...Dave eats too darn much. Anyway, great post. Love you to bro. Extra special love for C. I almost broke 2hundy. I'll try again this season.

Dr. Matt said...

It's all about the process, my brotha--you'll get there.
As I said, can't wait to ride.