Monday, January 25, 2010

A long day on the trainer.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit lazy but optimistic. The forecast was for unseasonably warm temperatures which turned out to be close to 60 degrees. Unfortunately, the warm temps were supposed to bring heavy rains. By the time I got downstairs, it was already in the mid 50's and looked like it had already rained quite a bit. So without really thinking about it and a fair amount of procrastinating, I got on the trainer and started banging away at the 3.5 hours I had scheduled for the day. As I worked away suffering in my boredom, I kept staring outside and got to thinking it actually did not look so bad. I figured what the hell and jumped off the trainer and started getting dressed to go outside. Cora came in and told me I was crazy as it was "unbelievable nasty" out. After a look out the back window, I realized the wind was probably blowing 40 mph so I got undressed and headed back down to the trainer. I looked out front and it was now pouring.

This continued for another 4 hours--good save, Cora.

Back on the trainer, I managed to bang out 4 hours when it was all done and said--man, did it suck and all I can say is that I better be getting faster.

I went through 5 bottles: 3 water, 1 FRS from concentrate and 1 Infint. I also had a can of FRS and a banana. For entertainment, I made it through the second half of the 2002 Tour and most of the 2003. The good news is that tomorrow's 2.5 hours should be a breeze.

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