Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year--a perfect ride!

I worked last night and managed to get some rest which was nice because I had 3 hours on the training schedule for the day. The only question was whether I could get outside to ride or whether I was in for a three-hour boredom-fest on the trainer. By the time I got on the trainer, I gave one last look outside and realized that the roads seemed to have cleared up--I could not pass up the opportunity. It was wet but not icy or slushy and right around 32 degrees with little to no wind--perfect start to the new year.

It was still snowing when I started out heading up over Murphy Hill--I love when cars slow down for a long stare trying to figure out what the hell someone is doing out in this weather on a bicycle.

I made it up over Murphy Hill feeling really good-down the back side was the only sketchy part of the whole ride--really cold and a bit icy.

I was out for three hours and fifteen minutes and did just over 50 miles. I got back just in time--the snow was starting to come down and the temperature was dropping.

There's something about riding outside when it's so crappy that I love--I do not know if it's getting totally covered in mud that reminds me of being a kid or if it's the crazy looks from those passing by that make me feel like a freak or if it's the belief that the extra commitment will surely make me faster this season. Whatever it is, it's a huge sense of accomplishment. One of those days when you feel like you are earning extra strength from the gods.

Check out the aftermath...

This mess went about knee high, otherwise I was clean--the fenders are awesome and well worth the 60 bucks if you plan on riding in the wet weather.

The clean up was a flash--love the outdoor hot water. She's all ready for tomorrow's 2-hour ride if I'm lucky enough to get out again. The forecast looks like it's windy and in the 20's so I'm preparing myself for the trainer torture.

Happy New Year!

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