Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back on the bike

It was nice to get back out and ride. Two days of work and 3 days of a cheeky little GI bug that is going around sidelined me--actually, if you must know, it left me lounging on the toilet and not wanting to eat--sorry--TMI.

Off I went today looking forward to riding a new loop. I wound up getting in about 27 miles with 3500 ft of climbing.

Oh, yeah I tried the new shoes out today--they just go to show that you CAN buy speed. They're pimp and they are fast!! My mom called them "metrolicious"--not sure what that was supposed to mean. She also asked if Cooperstown is ready for them yet--that is probably a very reasonable question--did I mention they are fast!!

I met up with the refueling Tanker on top of the hill only to find out the boom operator blew chunks.
The poor little guy softly said to me--I think I threw up.

                                                    Go ahead click on it.

I've seen a lot of kids puke and this was impressive. As usual, the Bull shook it off. He did take the opportunity to leave some more fluid on the ground while we cleaned him up.

After the lengthy clean up it was back on the bike and over the back of Dog Hill which was just as nice as Hooker Mtn. then over Cornish Hill and home. All told, about 2:25  on the bike in Z2 and only 2 bogey sightings.

                                                         Very angry Bogey

That's one of the nice parts of having the Tanker escort, it somewhat deters the hostile aggressors.  It does, however, convey a certain amount of bravado when you successfully shoot one down with a bottle of Cytomax.

Anyhoo, this was a really nice route and I definitely have to add it in somewhere for CJ--I can hear Big Dave saying No Mas !--just what a good host is supposed to offer.

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