Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The hundred that would not be.

                                    Doesn't the new kit look awesome?

Today was gorgeous--60's and clear blue sky. The goal today was a cool hundy. That was fine except the legs were screaming No Mas! We are both kinda bummed--we have been talking about the back to back hundies for several months so not to get it done felt like we had failed. To be realistic we have a lot of miles in the legs over the last 4 days--the Greenbrier was a real ass kicker and it's showing.

 We did manage to get in a very meager 50 miles with 5000 ft of climbing--Dave is dead on the sofa with a blistered taint--he titled todays jaunt as the "taint busting butternut squashing fitty" which I guess was pretty accurate after all we were riding in the butternut valley--he later declared he was no longer a jackrabbit but more a box of jackrabbit S#%$. As down and sore as he was he pulled through and was a sport finishing strong--sprinting down main street past the Hall of Fame and roaring cheers from rabid baseball touristas. 

We did get a chance to sprint with Eddy who as always produces big power while in hot pursuit--we won!!--poor Eddy will have to try again next time--He was thinking big Dave's calf was looking awfully meaty. Remember we are trained professionals never drag race Eddy unless you have the proper training.

                                   Eddy is pissed!

Again, Cora was a saint and brought us our half way nutritionals and she had the baby Moose in tow on his bike--he does a fine job as a lead out man. Looks like the Moose and Big dave got the same helmet sponsor?

With some luck tomorrow will be just as nice and we can have at it again--time for a little work on the one speed--as if the quads aren't pissed off enough.

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