Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bone Bender Fiasco

Well, the Bone Bender was a bust. Rain pretty much ruined what looked to be a very clean and fast trail. I rode 1/2 mile pushed, carried, and cleaned mud for 3 miles...then turned off the trail cleaned for five minutes to get the sled rideable and rode back on asphalt in granny gear (b/c she refused to shift any longer) I followed countless muddy tire tracks back to the start/finish. And met a bunch of cool people who were smart enough to ride in. I felt pretty shitty to quit after throwing a fit and making the clan come to cheer. 6 hours of driving and 1 hour and a half of riding....

Before race...ignorance is bliss.

Where are my shoulders?

Dude, I want Evan and the boys to make me some Rocket Legs...I didn't even open the go fast juice.

Q-Man and Little Red are trying to figure out how I got second place b/c Jess got all excited when she saw me and said "your in second" I said no I didn't register...I think she still thought I was in second...she was like no only one other person has come in...I said I rode back...she looked spooked like who are skinny quitter...oh well.

The start was LeMans style whatever that is.

I drank more beer than race juice...after the ride if you can call it of the promoters felt sorry for me and gave me one of his 6 that is a nice race promoter...I will be back next year. Honestly, it wasn't a complete waste...what a great park, and a great group of trail guys. This dude even tossed me a free jacket b/c he felt so darn sorry that the trail wasn't perfect. There were actually people making full I felt pretty sorry for quitting.

Thanks for trying guys...see you next year.


Dr. Matt said...

Dude--sorry to hear the race was a bust. You look fantastic!!!Congratulations--you look like a skinny little bike racer.
Strong work--keep it up.
see you next week.

RF said...

dude, good work going down there and trying to make it happen. Mud happens. There will be plnty more racin' opportunities!