Tuesday, April 7, 2009

               Happy Ending

The day started off on the wrong foot--I woke up way too early to a very sad eldest child who could not find her frog sock. Things continued to slide south when I got downstairs and low and behold, it was 34 degrees and more rain--not looking so good for today's scheduled 40 mile TT.

As so frequently is the case, the Jackrabbit mafia stepped in--the Baby Moose did not miss a beat and invited me for a sit down at the pork shop for a latte--much obliged, little man. Thank you.

As we sat and talked, I mentioned to the Bull that I felt badly that I could not find T Lynn's missing frog sock and she went off to school so sad.  The Bull, after sipping long and deliberately from his latte, suggested I make my wrong doings right when she got home from school. 
He figured I could share one of our bike riding shirts with her--"Fur"--that's it, I thought, a real live Jackrabbit pelt--all would then be well.

T Lynn acknowledged my generosity with a big smile --I melted, then the little mafiosa demanded I kick a taste up.

After all, didn't I know that she was going to need it to by a new pair of frog socks tomorrow when I take her to the store.

Needless to say--I was certainly feeling lighter and it was now about 45 degrees so I rode...

Cold, wet, mud and fog-- the dirt roads were super soft-- it felt like the Crows were glued to the ground and the climbs all seemed a bit tougher today until it dawned on me that I was having a great time because I couldn't stop thinking of my little mobsters.

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Bigdave said...

My only real question here is if the happy ending was a Jackson Pollok?