Saturday, April 4, 2009

OK I cry uncle!

Well, I can only describe today as torture. Wet mid to low 30's and a mix of rain/snow all day.

I'm not sure I can take any more snow--enough, go away. To add injury to insult, it was back on the Pro300PT for some active recovery. The rest of the week has been a mix of perfect sixties one day and wet fifties the next. All of mother nature's indecision is suppose to continue throughout the week--I'm waiting......

What am I watching? It's always a pleasure to revisit the Boys.

I think I found a new song for the play list.
This is How I Feel by Finley Quaye
Can you find it in Season 1 episode 5?

This is what the earlier part of the week brought- I'm just complaining, it was actually loads of fun.

Not so bad--

Unless you add the rain and snow.

Nothing like putting a little more mud into the mix.

Tomorrow is a new day and the forecast looks good so I have an Rx for 3-4 hrs. I'd like to do the 50-mile loop that is planned for the camp Jackrabbit hundy #1--one of my favorites--I think with the rain and higher temps., the snow on the high roads should be gone.

Total climbing 4275 ft.

7/29/08 PT file--216w,140bpm ave.

Just for the record the ER gods are blessing us at present and the conversation has deteriorated to the finer points of a prostate exam. Enough said.

Quote of the day--"I have a band-aid on my penis" --anonymous.

OK-I did it- I swear I wrote that and within 3 mins we got 3 patients--I should know by now to keep my mouth shut.

Ponder this: Why is it some try to fix this with a belly ring? Is that bad decision-making or is it thoughtful?

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Robb Jordan said...

i'd hit dat! LMFAO!!!

Seriously dudes, do you guys really ride in the rain a lot? When its cold? You guys are total hammers if you realy do.