Thursday, April 16, 2009


First bit of randomness: I tried to compile a new playlist for this race season--I got it narrowed down to 96 songs--yes, yes, 86 of them are U2 songs. Guess it's a good thing that we got our tickets for the Toronto and Boston shows--looking forward to more...Where or where else shall we go? Hope the shows are as good as the '85 Hollywood Sportatorium shows--good people, good times, good times. Bummer that the European shows conflict with all our A races. For all you U2 aficionados, check out U2start. It's where I feed my habit. How about a bit of random U2 trivia--my arm was in the Rattle and Hum movie--bet you did not know that.

What is up with all the Bogeys around here? I found another one today that must see the same doggy dentist--same bad veneers and overdone whitener. I spoke to Big Dave tonight--he was most incredulous of Bogey No. 1's teeth and was sure that I was the guilty party wielding poor Photoshop skills, rather than the poorly skilled doggy dentist. Dude, let me say it again, DUDE, you're missing the point. If you see one of these *%$kers, stand up and ride like you stole it.

Schwing! Big package from Evan and the boys from 53 x 11 arrived today. Check out the 5 lb. bags of coffee--it's like crack, I swear. We'll go through these puppies in no time. Can't wait to get into the Wondo Bonko--should make a great Rocket Shot--review to come.

It was sensory overload today when I rolled out of bed at 2pm and saw the UPS truck pulling up just as the FedEx truck was driving away after bequeathing us with the coffee jackpot. The UPS man delivered Justin's offerings--check out these babies! All I can say is that they're ridiculously sick, ridiculously light and have ridiculous stopping power for the big 29er hoops. If only looks could make me faster (shoes excluded, of course)...

Most importantly, and not random at all (except for the fact that it was 6 days belated), I finished up my 3-hour ride today by celebrating with the most wonderful woman in my life, the one who makes it all possible, my mother. Happy birthday, Grandy!

Random quote of the day: "Daddy, I know we can have anything we want, except for drugs and weapons, right?" Bella, age 5 1/2 (in response to my telling the kids that they can have anything they want to drink for dinner).

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Ljones19 said...

Thank you Sweetheart,
If you don't know it already, a mother rabbit lives for her loved ones, and such sweet words from her first born jackrabbit has put an extra special hippty hop in her heart. It is very special gift to be able to share your heart space with your other #1's Cora, Phoebe, Bella, Max and Poppy...oh, how Fortunate am I!!!!! You are such a large and exceptional Jackrabbit and "my very best friend" as Max would say... A perfect Birthday, my best ever! Love you all, Mother Rabbit