Sunday, April 5, 2009

I love April

I love April--ever stop and think about all the cool sporting events that occur this month?

Just to name a few--

First comes the Tour of Flanders 4/5/09

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 4/6/09

Can MSU wow a hometown crowd by stunning UNC ?

Next the Masters 4/6-4/12/09

Can Tiger win again?

Then you have the great Paris-Roubaix 4/12/09--Can Big Georgie get it done?

AKA-Hell of the North!

The Sea Otter Classic 4/16-4/19/09

What can I say--the biggest mountain bike event on US soil--we must go next year!

MLB opening day

The boys of summer--after all, I do live in Cooperstown.

What does 1.5 billion do for the Yankees?
But can they go deep into post season?

The Greenbrier Challenge 4/26/09

Jackrabbit Racing's season enduro opener--4hr Marathon

Ernesto Marenchin--winner of the 4hr 2008

Ask your self why we ride?

Even though it's not Championship time--that starts in May.
You can find more and more NCAA Lacrosse on TV.
can #2 ranked Syracuse win another Title?


Robb Jordan said...

You guys probably dont think MMA is cool but did you see the Torres vs. Mizugaki fight tonight? It rocked! Man April is a good month for sports!

Hey I have another question for you guys. I think i could get alot faster with better tires. What kind of tires do you guys roll with?

Bigdave said...

I watch MMA and have bought many a fight on PPV. Matt runs different tires based on condidtions. Kenda small block eights are a good all terain all weather tire if your like me and want something fast but can pretty much be used for anything. I roll the Stans Crow tire. They are the fastest when it is dry and not too sandy. My advice would be use what suits your type of riding style. Big nobby tires are heavy but they are good in certain condidtions.