Friday, April 10, 2009


Well I hit the trail for the second day in a row. Conditions could not be better here in the big O! I blasted 4 climbs x 3 laps. This is my newest attempt at interval training. Here's what I did. I have a loop that I do which is pretty much the same loop everybody does. Tonight rather than try to blast 3 loops I went super slow for everything except 4 climbs that I sprinted. After 12 sprints I was toast. The funny thing is that this strategy only added 6 minutes to my go hard for 3 laps ride. Kind of weird. What I figured out is that I am really slow at sprinting a climb. Oh well I'll keep working on it. Oh, and I wore team kit today...and looked pretty good in the summer jersey that I could not even zip shut a few months ago. Look out cptn.

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Jim said...

Dave, nice job on the ride today! Love to see the effort!