Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bull Moose

So it was time to get the hubs off to Stan's so they can build up a new set of wheels for the 29er. I'm super psyched 'cause they agreed to build them up on their new 29er race rim which is supposedly crazy light.

For whatever the reason, I found the task of cutting apart a perfectly good, no, great set of wheels that have served me so well to be quite stressful. No worries though, the Bull Moose decided that he was going to stay home from school and help Daddy "fix" "our" wheels. The Bull was all to happy to help when the project involved the destruction of the wheels.

When we needed to clean "our" wheels, Max was long gone and creating his own bit of very special mayhem. Now I must explain that Max is going through a wonderful stage where he asks if anything he sees me touch is mine or "ours" and if I will being sharing it with him. In my mind, I see this as him wanting to be like me and do the things I do--so it makes me really proud and I love every second of it. So Max was off and in rare form and making a pile here and a pile there--I think he successfully managed to get into everything that "we" own. Now this is a problem on its own because this kid can create a mess, but it became a touch annoying in that he felt it necessary to bring all of "our" possessions into the kitchen which was serving as a de facto work shop. So when the little man came in for the umpteenth time saying, "Daddy is this your "thirsty bag" (that's a Camelbak to you and me) or ours?," I looked up and proudly saw a Bull dressed like a Jackrabbit--man, that little guy sure is cute, but what a handful.

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Bigdave said...

Have you lost your mind? How is the Pb sled going to make weight with cyclops and CK hubs?