Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Panama 30 Mile Enduro

I rocked a two hour sprint today. There was a heap of hammerheads at this little loop. I was totally impressed with some of the team guys in their kit. The race started out nice enough and I had to really put the pistons to work to try to keep up with the guys on road bikes and cross bikes. Even though this was advertised as a mountain bike enduro at least 30-40% of the riders were rolling narrow tires. The team from Lincoln was all roadies and when we took the first turn into the wind and up a hill they were gone. I was gassing just to keep them in view. Three solo guys were able to keep up with them and that lead group went the whole way together.
After some time I was riding with a small group and we pushed each other. With about 10 miles to go I noticed some cracks. I seemed to be the only one looking at my map and I was the only one who spotted the last two checkpoints. After the last CP I heard my last "which way" and started to plot. The hammer bags were talking and trying to figure out where to go, so I threw them a bone moved to the front and said my last "turn here." I stood into the wind judging that there must only be about 5-8 miles to go. I simply and pleasantly climbed the next set of climbs in big little standing and rocketing over the crests. By the time I looked back the group of ten or so guys were spread like dear skat as if fired from a blunderbust. They were way back to put it less fancy. I had snot running down my nose and spit sticking to my wanna beard. It was so worth it as I shot through the gate in 4th place solo. A few of the team guys were nice when I got there and looked a little in shock. So I said my usuall "How many Clidesdales are in your group?" They looked puzzled b/c the biggest dude said I am the Clidesdale I guess. He said he weighed 172. Official results

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