Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Camp Jackrabbit in the making

I started thinking about our training week in April and and I'm so psyched-- I definitely need to come up with something epic to satisfy my main man Big Dave's appetite for long taint-busting miles. After talking with Joey, the plan is going to be for back-to-back 100 milers.
Day 1
Day 1 is recovery as we will both be racing the Greenbrier Challenge 4-hour marathon down in Maryland on Sunday. I chose a 22-mile loop which is a nice mix of hills and flats--I call the loop "the first big loop" as it was huge for me back in the day when I first started riding--I have not done it since.

Day 2

Day 2 is what I call the "big long loop" which is about 46 miles and should weigh in at about 5500 ft of climbing.

Day 3

Day 3 is bantamweight at 11.7 miles and approx. 1600 ft of climbing. In the AM, it's a leisurely stroll around the short loop.  In the PM, it's all out and somebody is lookin' to set a record time which currently stands at 44:19. 

Day 4 is still under consideration but will be in the 100 mile neighborhood and I'm aiming for 8-10,000 ft of climbing. Details to come.

Day 5

Day 5- is the second of the 2 hundy's and I promise it will deliver. As it is currently planned, it's
a beastly 103 miles with 14000+ feet of climbing--The mission is simple--get done as quick as possible without meltdown. I am still trying to work Gately Hill into the mix which will up the ante a tad--we'll see.

Day 6- If possible (i.e taint permissing) will be a recovery day. Details to come.

The last bit of news around here which is not ride-related is certainly the most exciting--Bella lost her first tooth. She waited all weekend and pulled it out at school so she could get the little treasure chest they give to anyone who loses a tooth at school. I though that was pretty cute and certainly very smooth on her part. The best, however, was to come when she jacked the helpless little tooth fairy for a cool 20 bucks.  It sure pays to be smart--love ya kiddo.

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