Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yesterday's mission was simple:  Joey had me down for 2 hours of HILLS, HILLS, HILLS. . . so I did my best to deliver.  I thought I would do my 7 hills course, which is about 25 miles and 3500 feet of climbing and should take just about the prescribed 2 hours to complete.  

The weather was gorgeous: 55 degrees and sunny--what more could I ask for? A little mud maybe? Well, I found some.

Part of the earlier season "grand plan" is to iron out nutrition on the bike, given that it was a big problem at Leadville last year.  I want to try different things to see if we can really dial the feeds in.  I just got some Cytomax pink lemondade, which thus far has been great, although lacking any protein.  Accelerade is a touch rough on the stomach over the long haul.  So I think it's probably out.  I'm still faithful to Hammer Gel--yesterday's choice was espresso, which never disappoints.


I've also been trying a Starbucks Expresso shot at the halfway point of high intensity rides--it works for Dave Wiens and Big Dave, so I figured it's worth a shot (ha ha--no pun intended).  It's a nice boost of caffeine and something like 140 calories in 6.5 ounces and best of all, it goes down smoothly and quickly.  Next time, I'm going to mix up 2 shots of 53x11 and milk and 60 grams of sugar and see how that works.  That 53x11 is gooooood stuff.  Big Dave wants Evan and the boys to market their own 6 ounce shot and call it "Rocket Legs."  

The ride went well--power seemed to be up and legs felt good--we'll see what the boss thinks.  The best part was coming home to the three little monsters who were eagerly waiting for me at the bottom of the driveway.

 I'll just pretend that I don't know that they're really just looking to finish off my bottles--they're all big fans of the new pink lemonade.

The other good news is that Big Dave got his plane tickets, so it looks like the April training week (Camp Jackrabbit) is on--it should be epic and I look forward to being there when Big Dave busts his hundy cherry.  I need to work on getting that week's rides planned out--more to come on that...


Bigdave said...

Strong post brother from another mother. I don't have the fancy power shit YET. I busted my minny hundy at CIRREM 100k is at least a good start.

Anonymous said...

He does the work, and if only he could post stats to his grid...but now I know where to see the real deal:) Nice pics...gotta be C's doin' - she's got the flare of the fam!