Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Double w/o today.

I felt so good today after lifting I decided to hit the trainer for a taint busting 2hr spin. I was going for fat burn and felt great. My old steal frame is pretty comfortable I love riding that ol pig. I may just try to put franken bike together for a few road rides. I wish I had Jackrabbit ride partners in Omaha...The TNR crew is an ok group, but I hate not knowing my way around though. I forgot to mention that one of the riders asked me what Jackrabbit racing was. I thought about it for a second and said your looking at the Omaha chapter president. I laughed...more like chuckled, and told him it was really just me and my best friend...and we make it look so damn good.

1 comment:

Dr. Matt said...

I'm sure that ole steel pig is hurtin after 2hrs of taint bustin work.
I'm not sure I would have choosen that picture to illustrate me looking good.
Nice work on the dbl.