Thursday, March 19, 2009


The second TNR was harder than the first...mostly b/c I am a bit worn out. I have not taken a day off in over a month. Granted M,W,F is always between 1-1.5 hours on our lovely lifecycle at work. I may have to rethink the doubles I have been doing on T,Th. Of course 2 weeks ago I raised the bar with a 100k race in the freezing cold and then last weekend I sprinted my ass off for two hours in what was basically a road race on my mtb against cross nugets. So about 8 or so people showed up and we rode to Swansen park and did two laps. I got lost in the front section and did that area three times and the back section once. I probably went the same distance as everybody else. It is really a shitty trail if you ask me with criss crosses all over the place and virtually no markings...sorry guys if you like that sucks. Oh well it's not like Omaha has tons of trails to choose from. I'll take friggen Tranquility! For those friends that know...I'll really take Quiet Waters.

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Bill Mahan said...

This is pretty cool, I recently started biking and was looking to get into something more serious like this!