Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Moose looks like he died and went to Heaven!

Well, the goods finally got here. I was asleep after a rather heinous night (No. 11 of 12 shifts in 15 days) and came down at 2:15 so Cora could gather the twin possums from school. I found the baby Moose with bloodied and bandaged nose and a huge smile on his face. Yep, you guessed it--"Daddy, are these yours or are they ours?" I turned, wondering what he wants to "share" now and the Bull was holding high his--I mean my new grips. I asked him where he found them. He was so excited--he looked like a bull who found the cow of his dreams. He replied, "My boxes are here!"
So I sat and watched the little man open all the boxes and answered his many questions as he played, dropped and tried on all his new stuff. After the brief clean up, I, too, went through everything and it all looks sooo good--I can't wait--if all goes as planned, I can get to building tomorrow afternoon.
I must say I am particularly impressed with the shoes--I can only say PIMP!!!!

Here are some of the other goodies the Moose found.

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