Monday, March 30, 2009


My sweet love took the Baby Moose down to Big Flats to pick up the new wheels and while she was there, she and the Moose procured a grassroots sponsorship-I'm super psyched--Stan's rock!

The 29er ZTR Race wheelset--just look at 'em!!

Anyone who knows the Baby Moose knows he does not do any manual labor, no cleaning and certainly no lifting, so you know these wheels are super light if the little guy is willing to give a hoist.

Front: Chris King hub
Rear: Powertap disk hub
DT Al nipples                                                                                   
DT revolution spokes                                                                
Stan's Crow tire                                                                             
Stan's sealant 2 scoops                                                                  

Total Wt Front:   2.50 lbs.           
Total Wt Rear:  3.51 lbs.

I managed to get the beast built up by 2pm (with a little help from my friend Dave F.).  Without his help, who knows when I would have been done getting the cables on. I was a little bummed in that I finally got the cold that's going around, so the 50-miler I had planned was not going to happen.  Truth be told, I should have gone back to bed, but I couldn't do it, the bike kept calling out to me: "Mount me, ride me."  I swear she said it--ask Moose, he heard it.

I gave in and away we went for a 2-hour trek. I was good at first--Z1 and little touch at Z2 but she was feelin' so good. I got to Blacks Road and had to go "just a little" Z3 turned into "some" Z4 and that was feeling so good, I reasoned that I couldn't possibly be sick and feel this good, so Z5 was inevitable.

The top picture was 3/28/09 and the bottom was 3/30/08--I had to ride--it is the nicest day we have had this year--mid-60's with not a cloud in the sky.

I always find it interesting when people ask if a 26er is faster than a 29er because it's really a hard question to answer for a number of reasons.  My thoughts after one ride are that each bike probably excels at its own discipline. I assure you that my thoughts will continue on this subject.
Today I certainly felt faster--was I just jacked up on a new bike or does this Beast really roll faster? Time will tell.

P.S. I also felt quite a bit sicker after La Diosas' maiden flight, so please someone remind me that rest is key.

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Bigdave said...

The 29'er is faster and looks cooler too. Nice build brother.